The Undead, also referred to as Zombies or Corpses, are reanimated bodies of humans that have risen from the grave. Contrary to popular belief, the undead retain their human personalities and are not mindless husks.


The Undead are created through the use of black magic, which is a violation of the natural order. Across history, humans have often sought out users of dark magic to resurrect lost loved ones, though this often ends in tragedy. Contrary to popular belief, however, the Undead are not infectious and will not lead to a plague.


Psychical Traits

The Undead resemble regular living humans. However, they must consume living flesh to remain in this state. If the undead do not sustain themselves, their skin will became pale and their eyes will become glassy and lose color. Additionally, their bodies will start to decay and decompose. This process can be reversed by consuming flesh, which allows the undead to regenerate themselves.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities
Enhanced Strength: The supernatural ability to possess a degree of physical strength that is unattainable by regular humans.
Accelerated Healing: The supernatural ability to heal from sustained wounds and injuries at a rapid speed.
Flesh Consumption: The supernatural ability to sustain oneself through the consumption of the flesh of the living.
Pain Suppression: The supernatural ability to suppress the sensation of physical pain.


Physical Weaknesses
Decay: When the Undead do not sustain themselves with living flesh, their bodies will eventually start to decay and decompose.
Decapitation: Like most supernatural beings, the Undead are still dependent on brain function, meaning that decapitation will kill them.
Fire: The Undead are vulnerable to fire, which can destroy them utterly. However, they are able to survive unless completely consumed by flames.
Mental Weaknesses
Hunger: Aside from their physical need for human flesh, the Undead may develop a craving for human flesh that may eventually become unsatisfiable. This may eventually cause the Undead to lose their sense of reasoning and become increasingly rabid.