Skinwalkers, also referred to as Shapeshifters, are a breed of supernatural beings that possess the ability to shapeshift into animals.


Skinwalkers are present in the native American Navajo beliefs, where they are typically referred to as a type of witch and are believed to be evil. They are described as being able to take any animal shape depending on the abilities they need. Additionally, some legends tell that skinswalkers can even steal the faces of other humans.


Preferred FormEdit

Skinwalkers can shapeshift into any animal they desire, provided they know how the animal in question looks like. However, most Skinwalkers will eventully choose a preferred form, also called their go-to form, which they feel a certain connection to. When Skinwalkers often shapeshift into this preferred animal, it will become easier and quicker to become that animal. Additionally, Skinwalkers with a preferred form may develop certain traits of that animal even in human form.

Physical TraitsEdit

Aside from their shapeshifting abilities, Skinwalkers are indistinguishable from ordinary humans. However, they may develop heightened senses based on their preferred animal form. For example, a Skinwalker whose preferred form is that of a dog, can develop a canine-like sense of smell even in human form.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical Abilities
Shapeshifting: The ability to alter one's physical form. Skinwalkers possess the ability to shift into any animal they desire. In animal form, skinwalkers possess all the abilities possessed by the animal species.
Heightened Senses: The ability to ability to possess one or more of the five senses to a degree beyond regular human capabilities. Even in human form, skinwalkers may possess animal-like senses.
Mental Abilities
Animal Empathy: The ability to understand and communicate with animals on an emotional level to a certain extent.


Physical Weaknesses
Mortality: Aside from their shapeshifting abilities, Skinwalkers are mortal like any other human and can be killed in the same manner.
Silver: Skinwalkers possess a weakness to silver, which will burn their skin similar to a severe allergic reaction. Although this will not kill them, it can be used to identify them.