Lust Inducement is the supernatural ability to induce sexual lust in other beings through physical contact.

This ability is possessed by Succubi and Incubi, who need to feed off the sexual energy and life force of living beings in order to survive. Their touch will activate sexual hormones in their victims that will cause the victim to become increasingly aroused and desire the one seducing them.

Victims that are being seduced by Succubi or Incubi will lose control of their inhibitions and will become addicted to the one seducing them. This allows Succubi and Incubi to easily seduce and manipulate the victim to fulfill their own desires. Prolonged exposure or inability to fulfill their sexual needs will cause victims to grow increasingly erratic and frustrated, which can cause to eventual agression and madness.


  • This ability is most potent when used on the opposite sex or gay individuals. However, members of the same sex as the user are not immune to the effects of this ability.
  • Unlike Allure, this ability is dependent on touch and is hormonal in nature.