God is conceived as a divine, supreme being and a principal object of faith. In the abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, God is worshipped as the true and only creator and sustainer of the universe. However, each religion has different views of the nature of God and he is known by many names.

God is widely considered to be omnipresent, meaning he is everywhere, omniscient, meaning he is all-knowing, and omnipotent, meaning he possesses unlimited power.

The existence of God is a subject of debate in both the mortal and the supernatural world, as his existence has neither been confirmed or proven false by scientific or supernatural evidence. However, faith in his existence has persevered through the centuries.


  • Religions symbols such as crucifixes and holy water are often believed to expel or destroy supernatural beings such as Vampires. However, these symbols possess no true power.
  • In Exorcisms, biblical verses are sometimes succesfully used to excorcise Spirits, indicating there may be some power in these words.