Full Moon
A Full Moon is a lunar phase that occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun. In this phase, the moon is fully illuminated by the sun. In various folklore, legends and myths, the full moon has significant meaning to both the natural and the supernatural. Most commonly, the full moon is associated with Werewolves.


Effects on WerewolvesEdit

The Full Moon is rather significant to Werewolves and plays an important part in their lives. It was once theorized that Werewolves could only transform under the Full Moon, though this has been proved to be false, as they can transform at will or when experiencing extreme emotions.

When transformed under the Full Moon, Werewolves are at their strongest and only then can their bite infect others. However, as a drawback, the Full moon also causes Werewolves to revert to their most feral state, to the point where they are beyond reason and little more than wild beasts.

Other EffectsEdit

Witches and warlocks can channel the power of celestial events such as the Full Moon for spells and rituals.