Enhanced Strength, also referred to as Super Strength, is the supernatural ability to possess a degree of physical strength that is unattainable by regular humans. Various supernatural beings including vampires and werewolves possess a certain degree of enhanced strength.

Known UsersEdit

The UndeadEdit

The Undead are noted as possessing physical strength that is slightly beyond that of an average human, though they can still be overpowered by exceptionally strong humans.


Vampires possess a strength that is far greater than humans. However, it is important to note that this strength grows with age, meaning that a newly turned vampire is not quite as powerful.

Vampires are known to be able to break materials as dense as bones or wood. They are powerful enough to decapitate humans with their bare hands or rip out their hearts with ease. Vampires have shown to be able to break down heavy wooden doors. Additionally, vampires are strong enough to tear the doors of a car, though not strong enough to lift one or stop it in its tracks.


Werewolves are noted as typically possessing greater physical strength than vampires, though vampires of sufficient age have been able to overpower them.

Werewolves are able to bend certain metals using their physical strength and can use their claws to shred though it. Only certain alloys such as reinforced steel can hold them. Werewolves have been shown to be able to lift cars for brief moments and even stop them in their tracks, though this will severely strain them.