Blood is the very lifeforce of all living things, that is why Vampires desire it. When they taste blood, they taste the life they have lost.

Blood is a thick red fluid that transports oxygen and other necessary substances through the body by the heart. Blood provides the body with essential substances that are required for the body to function. In the supernatural, blood symbolizes life itself. As the undead, Vampires require the blood of the living to survive.

Vampire BloodEdit

Vampires consume blood to sustain themselves. After feeding, the blood they consumed is transmuted and gains additional properties. Blood of Vampires contain properties that allow Vampires to quickly regenerate from bodily harm, allowing them to heal from seemingly fatal injuries within hours or even moments.

When the living ingest Vampire blood, it passes on this regenerative factor and allows them to recover from otherwise potentially fatal injuries. However, if a human dies while the blood is still in their system, it will start the transition into a Vampire.