Beacon Falls is a small and seemingly peaceful town in rural Virginia. Unknown to most, the town is actually a focus point of supernatural activity due to the presence of the Nemeton, an ancient tree with magical properties. The presence of the Nemeton is the reason many supernatural beings have called Beacon Falls their home.

Beacon Falls was founded by the members five wealthy families, the Forbes, the Salvatores, the Gilberts, the Whitmores and the Martins. Their descendents still live in the town. Additionally, both the supernatural Hales and Bennetts have strong ties and a long history with the town.

Locations in Beacon FallsEdit

Beacon Falls High SchoolEdit

Beacon Falls High School, more commonly referred to as simply Beacon High, is the only public high school in Beacon Falls. For this reason, all teenagers in town attend the school, unless they are homeschooled. The school has a lacrosse team called the Timberwolves.

Mystic GrillEdit

The Mystic Grill is a bar and restaurant in Beacon Falls, most popular among young adults and teenagers. It is located on the central town square. Matt Donovan currently works here as a busboy.

Salvatore Boarding HouseEdit


The Salvatore Boarding House was built by the Salvatore family in the early 1900s.

Hale HouseEdit

The Hale House was once the home of the Hale family of Werewolves. It was located on the edge of town, near the forest. It was burned down in 1998, killing nearly all the members of the Hale family.

Beacon Falls Animal ClinicEdit

The animal clinic is owned by Dr. Deaton.



The Nemeton is an ancient tree with magical properties. It functions as a beacon for supernatural beings, who are drawn to its mythical power. Although the tree was cut down decades ago, the stump and roots preserve its powers.