Allure is the supernatural ability to be highly desirable and enticing to others. The Fae are considered exceptionally beautiful and attractive to humans and other supernatural species.

The beauty of the Fea can have an almost hypnotic effect on others, to the point where their reason and inhibitions are lowered. The Fae can use their beauty to seduce others and gently manipulate them into giving in to their desires. Only individuals with a very strong will are able to withstand their allure independently. However, the effects of the allure are considerably weakened when one is aware of their magic.

Allure is strongest when used on those who are naturally attracted to the gender of the Fae in question. For this reason it is easier to seduce a member of the opposite gender or someone who is either gay or bisexual. However, those who are not attracted to the gender of the Fae may still be enticed by their allure.


  • Unlike Lust Inducement, which is triggered through touch, this ability is always in effect and activated by the mere presence of the Fae.